Blog #2: Media or Books

Written by Alexandria Sellers

There are a lot of books that I feel have changed my life. It is hard to just choose three. But here I have.

1. Hero by Perry Moore.

This book pays homage to classic comic books in a new way. It takes time to reveal the main characters feelings and fears in a way that brings your personal ones to light. It easily made me laugh and cry in the same scene. The author manages to take make something so fantastical and bring it so close to the average and the language so simple yet thought provoking and breathtaking you can’t help but apply your own life. It takes a positive stance on the lgbt community and yet easily explains issues still circulating. It inspired my desire to read.

2.DragonSong by Anne McCafrey

Dragonsong displays and deals with a persons internal conflicts and how outside influences can affect a persons development. This book is both fantastical and raises a persons awareness about how every action effects ones future. The writing is well developed from years of practice. This book was one of the ones that inspired me to work with people to help.

3. Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls

Unfortunately this is one reason why I have trust issues with books and media. I first read this book in elementary school and I thought it was going to be a good cute book with dogs. I was wrong. This book hurt my inner animal lover to an extreme, especially since I had quite a few pets at the time. I have never forgotten the since of betrayal, and it was a definite encouragement to double check what happens in both books and media.


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