My Most Influential Books

BY JP Michelsen

Probably the most important series of books, not only for me but for my generation of children, would be the Harry Potter series. This fictional tale was a massive movement that most every experienced at least a part of. These books were a way for me to bond with my dad at a young age because we both enjoyed the story line. This series was meant for kids, but was able to transcend between generations.

The second most influential book I’ve read is Lord of the Flies. It gave me a perspective of what a life lived through anarchy would be like, and it was nothing like how I had pictured it at the time. I’ll never forget the scene where Piggy was crushed by the boulder.

The third most influential book I’ve read is A History of the Game  it was a basketball book that detailed the lives of both Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. I was a basketball player at the time and it really inspired me to strive for greatness in athletics.

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