Worldstarhiphhop and black stereotypes

By Alan Farinas

The video website WorldstarHipHop is one of the most popular places on the internet to watch music videos and viral videos. But the difference between WorldstarHIpHop and other internet video sites is that a majority of the videos that are posted are vulgar rap music videos and violent brawls between black men and women. This has recently¬†lead to some people blaming WorldstarHipHop for normalizing black stereotypes. Fans of the site argue that the content isn’t race specific and there are other videos like pranks and interviews. In response, detractors point out that most brawl videos feature people in the video chanting “worldstar” which just shows how much influence the site has on violence.

The website’s audience has grown over the past couple years and has a wide range of people frequenting it, but in its initial stages its target audience was people of the hip hop community with a big part of it being black. Youtube was a platform to get famous and it lead to other websites just like it. However, WorldstarHipHop has become this thing where people hope to get fanous off of violent and/or mindless behavior. Videos like the “Sharkeisha, No!” fight and one featuring a little girl ”twerking” make the front page of the website everyday. A majority of the videos that are posted spotlight a black male or female. It is easy to see that there are specific types of videos being curated and most sending a negative message to the audience.

WorldstarHipHop is a powerful media outlet and may be responsible for continuing black stereotypes of violence and vulgar behavior. But just like any other form of media the purveyor is going to supply what the people want. The videos get millions of views due to society’s obsession with shock value, so maybe it’s actually today’s culture that is to blame.

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