Jasmine Frazier

Name of Mag: Within

The concept of my magazine is to look deep within certain situations and why they are the way they are. Everything in life has some sort of reason behind it, everyone in the world has a reason for being the way they are, and this mag is all about considering the reason. From the demographic, and psychographic view, this magazine may appeal to ages off all ages, from teenagers trying to find themselves, from older people trying figure out what to expect from the current generations. I believe my magazine will stand out being that the age group, and personal attraction is very broad, as apposed to different magazines who tend to only stand out to one certain type of person, for example; teen mags, parenting mags, hobby mags, etc. Some certain advertisers that may want to reach my readers may be creators of personality trait quizzes, life coaches/mentors, and people as such. Articles will focus on how certain character traits and behaviors begin. It will focus on the adolescent brain, and what environments are helpful for them to be around while the brain is going. There will be an article about if there is an actual reason/ cause for homosexuality.  Basically, it will focus on certain things about life and humans, and how it starts in the first place.



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