#4 Magazines

By: Karissa Louie

I am proposing an eco-friendly magazine that would report on new eco-friendly inventions, architecture, gadgets and other useful sustainable products.  It will also have a food section that will be dedicated to giving healthy cooking tips and healthy food options.  There will be a section dedicated to parents that discusses how to live green by buying chemical-free products and sustainable living.  The name of my magazine is Living Lean & Green.  It is different than other magazines because not only will it appeal to a wide range of people from young adults to environmental enthusiasts who have the chance to voice their opinion on a range of environmental law and policies enacted or should be proposed.  The section will be like letter/advice column called Dear Ecosystem.  People can submit questions or concerns they have on environmental issues and those that read the magazine can answer in the next issue.  The magazine itself will be biodegradable and made out of recyclable material.  In addition, the ink will be eco-friendly and very colorful.  Companies who would be interested in reaching my readers would be healthy organic grocery stores such as Whole-Foods, Sprouts, Trader-Joes.  Toy stores such as Green Store Inc. would want to advertise in my magazine that appeals to parents who want their children to play with toxin free toys. Stores that sell the latest and greatest eco-friendly appliances and furniture would have a large customer base from those who are interested in saving the environment.  Solar panel companies that sell and install solar panels for the roof and pools would be popular, because many people who read the magazine are environmentally couscous and find it to be a good investment.  Electric car companies such as Tesla and Nissan would want to advertise for my magazine also.  The cover will be very colorful, having a giant tree with the branches labeling some of the highlights of the magazine.  It will promote a healthy style of living and a strong interest in the environment.

Living Lean & Green

*Fast and Friendly Cars For Our Environment                                                                                                 *Healthy, Fast, and Organic Cooking                                                                                                               *Living Cheaply and Sustainable                                                                                                                *Eco-Friendly Investments That Save You Thousands                                                                             *Enacting Environmental Policies & Changes

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