Blog 3: A New Magazine Proposal, by Armen Vardanian

The “Little Armenia” magazine, by Armen Vardanian


I always wanted to see a magazine which would have been designed for the Armenian families and communities in California, and which would not include political biasing and debates.  The estimated number of Armenians living in California reached 220’000, according to the 2011 census; so it is natural for me to try designing a consumer magazine for the Armenian community.

The Name of the Proposed Magazine

The name of the magazine that I’d like to submit to a publisher is the “Little Armenia,” which has a reference to the part of the Hollywood district in Los Angeles, California.

The Concept of the “Little Armenia”

The “Little Armenia” magazine would have a different format from the existing magazines in several ways:

  1. The magazine is designed to provide information to an average single Armenian family in California.
  2. The magazine will be printed in both English and Armenian languages to reach diverse demographics.
  3. The magazine would include a section dedicated to the major news in the U.S., Armenia and around the world.
  4. The major sections will be related to health, community, education, history, women, and entertainment.
  5. The magazine will contain minimal information on the political aspects in the U.S., Armenia and around the world.

Readers of the Magazine

The magazine will target the bilingual readers of the Armenian community in California, who would like to receive information and news from the local cities and districts, in which the Armenian communities live.

Differences – the “Little Armenia” vs. Other Armenian Magazines in the U.S.

Majority of the current magazines that serve Armenian communities in the U.S. are politically oriented and made up of a partisan press.  In the “Little Armenia” magazine we intend to deliver independent and balanced news without biased editorial opinions.  In addition, the consumer orientation of the major articles would govern the main direction of the magazine, living little space for politically featured columns.

Advertisers in the Magazine 

The “Little Armenia” magazine will include some, but limited space dedicated to advertisers.  Because the magazine is a family oriented periodical, the anticipation is to dedicate most of the advertisements to the major players in California.

  1. Major grocery store chains, such as: “Safeway,” “Albertsons” and “Whole Foods Market.”
  2. Drug store chains, such as “Rite Aid,” “Walgreens” and “CVS Pharmacy.”
  3. We would like to reach the entertainment industry and amusement parks in California: “Disney,” “Universal Studios” and “Six Flag Magic Mountains.”
  4. Variety of travel agencies who have prolong expertise in providing family vacations.
  5. Local realtors, attorneys, and retail and ethnic grocery stores.

Articles in the Premier Issue

The premier issue would include the following five articles:

  1. Editor’s Letter with a description of the magazine’s mission statement.
  2. Article related to the lives of Armenian community in the local city of California.
  3. Major news observation in the U.S., Armenia and around the world.
  4. An interesting essay from a local writer, who writes about contemporary issues on the subject related to a family.
  5. Educational, historical, entertainment and trivia articles, which would target children and young readers.
  6. Article related to organic food and benefits of good eating habits culture.

Cover of the Premier Issue

The size of the “Little Armenia” would follow an average magazine size and would contain thirty pages with a glossy cover.  The English and Armenian versions of the magazine will be on the opposite sides of the issue.  The English and Armenian versions would take fifteen pages each.  The readers could reach his/her language of chose by flipping the magazine over.  The premier issue would include the title of the magazine in the middle top area of the cover with flags of Armenia and the United States on the opposite side of the title.  Each section and article of the magazine will be presented by visual and textual publications.  The colors and graphics will be black, light green, blue, and yellow, to suit an average family reader.

Cover of the “Little Armenia” Magazine

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