Blog #3

BY: Stephanie Andrada

Print magazine proposal (also available online):

Title: What’s Up? Magazine

How is it different?: This magazine is geared toward those who are in college and those who are in their 20’s, because lets face it, if you want young people to be interested in reading a magazine you have to make it for them! This magazine would be cheap, it would have articles that the younger generation would be interested in especially those in college. There would be more than just the latest gossip article. There would be ways to help students get financial aid, scholarships, and grants! Also on the cover would be a normal college student or normal 20-year-old on the cover. There would be a chance for college students to be on the cover of the magazine.

Demographics/Psychographics: This magazine would be geared toward both male and female so that everyone can read it. Low income students and minimum wage workers.This magazine would also be geared toward the LGBT community so as to not leave anyone out. There would also be an ethnic and cultural section of the magazine that would include things that are happening in other countries and all over the world.

Why is it better?: It’s better because it’s cheap, it has things that college students could use to help them with in their life such as job opportunities, housing, scholarships, grants, and even information on college application seminars.

Advertisers: College campuses to promote their school, Big businesses for those looking for internships like Google, Yahoo, Apple, and lastly bars and restaurants for when the kids get tired of studying and worrying about life, so that they can take a chance to take a load off.

First issue: I would include articles about the things that are going on in the world such as places like Nigeria, Paris and Mexico etc. There would also be an article on the education system in America and how it affects students and their pockets, an article for new technology on cars, phones and tablets. Another article that would be in the premier issue would be about how to achieve your goals for life and how to better stay on track of your life goals (because everyone gets lost every now and then). The last article would be about ways on how to save money.

Cover: The cover would have a college student with sort of frown/smile on their face, a stack of books in one hand and a stack of bills on the other. The title would be in bold and block letters in yellow with a white background. The highlighted articles would be in block, bold letters in black. The lettering style would be something like comic sans font.

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