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Hello, I would like to present my magazine to you all. The name of my magazine is call Pure Beauty. My magazine is different from other woman magazines because mine is to uplift, and encourage today’s woman, bringing confidence and value to their lives. Where as most of the todays magazines for woman are telling them what to wear, whats the in-style, how to capture his attention, and what will keep you better than the other girls. This magazine is to target women readers ages 21, and up. Of all ethnicities, all backgrounds, all income levels and all interests. This magazine will be better, and different than other competitors such as women health, self magazine and Cosmo, because this magazine is to uplift today’s women. I am very picky with the advertisers I choose to be in my magazine because I want to keep the message positive. I don’t want anything that will make the women feel that they are in need of certain products just because an advertisement says so. I will have the following advertisements:

  Women’s One a Day Vitamins.

–  24hr fitness gym memberships.

– Daily Inner health yoga classes.

– Inspirational seminars that are on tour.

– Breast cancer awareness marathon.

 Articles that will be involved in the magazine would be:

– Women who have battled a sickness and have overcome it.

– Woman in power who are making a difference.

– Woman who are doing charity work in the USA and over seas to help out others.

– How colleges have woman as the upcoming presidents and in the school consuls.

– How to live a healthier lifestyle.

The color of the cover will be very vibrant, and depending on the season or month of the issue the colors and pictures will differ. Words will be big and clear to read for all readers, and the pictures will always be shot in high-definition. For the premier issue, I was thinking of having Michelle Obama as the representative model. A woman of great confidence, great spirit and a positive message to the world for all women.

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