Generations Magazine

Name of Magazine: Generations

Concept: This magazine will include a table of contents right in the front page. It will also include sections for all age ranges so that the older crowd may glance at what the younger people like, and the younger age ranges will be curious to see what the adults are talking about lately. It will be different because it will focus on the most important aspects of entertainment and lifestyles relative to who is reading the magazine.

Readers: The readers will very and this magazine will be accessible and important to every age reader. All sorts of ethnicity’s and interests of every sort.

This magazine will not succumb to the typical “beauty” or “10 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life” genres. It is actual information compiled for the intelligent person reading up on what people are into and if the recent trends are actually worthwhile and important.

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5 Articles:

Current Politics

Which Artists Actually Have Talent

Why Focusing On Celebrities Is Not a Healthy Lifestyle

Trends That Need To Stop

Monthly State of the U.S.

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