InkFlow Magazine

By Alan Farinas

InkFlow is the name and it’s an art magazine for everyone. One of its missions is to educate and introduce the world to the many varieties of art. It’s target market is anyone who is interested in art. What makes it different from other art magazines is that it will include mini workshops in various issues and give some advice to those wanting to get started with art or continue their career. The content will also include advertisements for products artist use and love. And it would also feature art from readers the editorial team finds as well as up and coming artists.

Five advertisers that would probably be in the magazine are Montana Spray Paint, Pilot ink pens, UpperPlayground , KRINK, and Copic. Pilot, Montana, and Copic make some of the best and most popular art supplies in the world today. They don’t advertise too much, so I think they would be a good fit in InkFlow because rookie artists get to discover quality products that they might’ve not known about. KRINK and UpperPlayground are art companies that make clothing and lifestyle products by collaborating with other like-minded artists. KRINK and UpperPlayground use their stores like mini galleries by hanging art around the store by various artists. Five articles that I would include in the first issue would be tips and “how to” and two interviews from famous artists. The first article would be tips on the creative process, another would be how to stay relevant in the art world, and another on how to shade graphite correctly. The two interviews would be from ink master Kim Jung Gi and Facebook gang member David Choe on their feelings about today’s art industry and how they have survived in it for so long.

The first issues cover would be a collaboration between the two artists interviewed because both have a similar style of improvising their art and letting their imagination run wild. It would be a wrap around cover with InkFlow title in the upper left hand corner as a label as a neon sign. In the lower right area would be where the major editorial articles be listed. The other articles and content would be listed inside on page two in a table of contents so everything is easy to locate. The covers are meant to be minimalistic with as little font as possible to ex centaurs the art. InkFlow made in collaboration with artists for artists.


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