Magazine – BLVCK

By Haris Pozega

My idea for my magazine is a culture magazine for young people from low income families, low income areas around the US. Today we have fashion magazines about all these expensive brands that these kids can’t afford so it’s kind of pointless for them to buy these magazines. So I want to create a magazine that has cheap fashionable clothing and hiphop music. Hiphop music is included because there’s a huge amount of kids that listen to hiphop in these areas and they can relate to what the music is about.

Five advertisers that would like to reach our readers is – Soundcloud, Spotify, Asos, Nike and Footlocker. Nike & footlocker are regular stores where the people from these neighborhoods shops so they really would benefit from it. Soundcloud is a free website that let’s new artist put up their own music. It’s a way to go from a nobody to somebody. Spotify is more fore the more established artists like Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West.

My first five articles would be an interview with Jay Z, how he made it from the streets to the person he has become. The second one would be basic styling tips, how to look good and spend less money. The third one would be an article about how Michael Jordan played with his “Jordans” and the NBA fined him after every game but Nike paid for it. Look where it got them. The fourth article would be about August Alsina, an artist that was homeless later “sold” himself to an older woman for sex for a place to live. The last one would be a “top 10 best songs this month”.

My magazine cover would be clean – white, with big black letters that says “BLVCK”. When you open the magazine it would be a black background with white letters.

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