By Hoa. I tend to be like many readers that read newspapers or magazines I usually just go to the section that I am most interested in and then purchase another magazine to read about another subject but, what if there was a paper that had a section for each age group or many subtopics. The title of my magazine would be called Variety. Inside this magazine there would be many different topics based on the consumers interest. I feel that this type of magazine is different from my competitors because most magazines have only one or two genres and that is what the whole magazine is based on. This type of magazine would also be able to reach out to many of the consumers because it doesn’t have one type of age audience that it is targeting it will have many. The material in the magazine will consist of electronics, current events and news, education and politics, movies, food, this will allow the readers to decide what section they want to read and only have to buy one magazine to get all the information. I recently Google searched magazines with a variety of topics and nothing popped up, the first thing that popped up was a library. So for now the only competitors would be the magazines that are based on these topics.

Now we talk about advertising because in order for all of us to be successful in this industry, we must help one another. I would like an electronics store of some sort ; ie Best Buy, Fry’s or a large department store such as Target or Walmart to advertise there merchandise in the magazines, hopefully with magazine exclusives so the consumer would have a reason to pick up this magazine. Also if movie theaters could advertise some sort of discount if people bring this magazine, this way there would be more customers entering there theaters. For school advertising I could only think of some how funding our schools and the advertisement that I came up with was box tops. So if you were to cut these out and return them to your school they would get money each time to add more needed school supplies for the students or even use it to improve their playground. Inside this magazine there would be local restaurants advertising their menus and lunch specials. Finally the last ad would be the Got Milk? Ad because if you have that ad in your magazine it means that you’ve made it.

My magazine cover would have the topics in the front cover with the pages inserted into the picture so that the viewer can go straight to the page that they like. The background would be red because red is a color that many people lean towards. I also have a rough draft of my cover because it wouldn’t allow me to send the pictures into the background but it would look something like the link below.

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