The Books that Impacted Me

By: Lyndsey Guida

I’ve read a lot of books throughout the years I’ve been in school. One book that has an impact on me is the Fault in Our Stars. This book is about a young couple who both suffer from cancer and learn to love and grow with each other beyond this physical setback. This book was an inspiration for me because it taught me that life you live should only be for yourself, and not for anyone else. You should do what makes you happy, and not what makes everyone else happy. I’m known as a people pleaser so this is a difficult task for me. This book was good also because it really made me think about how important it is to not take life for granted. Another book that has had an impact on me is The Secret Life of Bee’s. Although this book is more of a early high school levelednreading, it is about a girl who is stuck in the house of an abusive, angry father, and the memory of her mother. She runs way to live with black folk and this story took place in the time where racism was first developing in our country. This story inspired me because it taught me to never let anyone else change how I think of people, and to follow what I believe in despite what society may think about it. It was also good because it made me realize how much of an issue racis still is today. Another book(s) that inspired me were the Harry Potter books. Despite the fact it’s fiction and is about a boy with magical powers and survived a killing from a dark sorcerer, it had a lot of symbollic messages that can be applied to real life. These books inspired me to never run away from the problems I may be having, and to be brave and strong when dealing with something challenging. It is easy to get discouraged from the obstacles life hands us, however these books have shown me that no matter what it will all be okay.

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