Thomas Cyncor

My step-dad is an older guy, he’s about 65, and one of my favorite things to do is listen to him tell stories from his youth and his  career. This got me thinking about the “amazing aging” as I like to call them and how in a few short years all of these experiences will be lost to the great beyond. The goal of this publication would be to capture some of the more entertaining moments of these great lives, along with the lessons and morals they represent. This magazine would also help to bridge the cap between the youth and seniors of this great land and hopefully inspire conversation and an exchange of ideals and beliefs. I am terrible with coming up with names for things but I think I would call it “Way Back When.” My target demographics would be teens and the elderly in middle to low income families. I am not sure of any competing magazines but I would try to get the same readers as Field and Stream and Sports Illustrated. The type of advertisers that I think  would like to use this magazine are firearms and alcohol producers but I would like to focus more on hygiene products. So, the five advertisers I feel would pay big bucks to use my services are Gillette, Old Spice, Maker’s Mark, Remington and Mossberg. An article I would include is an amazing hunting story from my step-dad’s youth about hunting in Alaska. I would then put a story on climate change on the next page as a grim reminder that unless the reader changes their actions, they may never be able to have the same kind of experience. I would also add two stories about hilarious drunken experiences for purely entertainment oriented reasons. The last would probably be a story from a World War  II veteran to end on a high note of patriotism. My cover would be a black and white photo of World War 2 era sailors, drunkenly relaxing in a bar, all chatting up the girl next to them. I wouldn’t leave the photo totally original, I would photo-shop it so one of the sailors is puffing an electronic-cigarette and one of the girls is checking her smart-phone.This would be a symbol of the years this magazine will hopefully create a connection between.

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