Week 3: Harmony, a new yoga magazine

by Alena Naiden

1. Name: Harmony

2. Concept
A new online magazine Harmony is a source of knowledge and inspiration for yoga- and meditation-lovers and people who want to live in harmony with their bodies.

3. Readers
It can be interesting for people who practice or teach yoga, Pilates and love to meditate. They probably will be from middle class having money for yoga classes and will identify themselves as people who care about their fitness and have a healthy lifestyle. Readers also can view yoga as more than just sport and be interested in esoteric knowledge in general.

4. Why Harmony?
There are many sports journals and almost no yoga journals, especially online. Harmony will be different from all the sports journals because it will be concentrated on yoga-lovers and all the things that can be useful for them and which they would’t be able to find in sports journals. All the information yoga people usually look around the internet now will be in one place.

5. Advertisers

  • Sellers of yoga clothes (prAna or beyondyoga.com)
  • Sellers of yoga equipment (Giam)
  • Yoga schools and organizations of workshops, classes, yoga-oriented trips.
  • Herbal Teas and other natural food products or food supplements
  • Shops selling incense, aroma oils, esoteric books etc

6. Articles:

  • A new way of meditation
  • Review about a new app that helps to exercise at home by yourself
  • Life story: How Madonna came to yoga
  • “There is no wrong age for yoga!”, an article about health benefits from doing yoga in older age with citations of a doctor and aged people who practice yoga.
  • “Make your love stronger,” an article about acro yoga for couples that teach to trust each other on physical and mental level/

7. Cover
The cover will be simple, not overloaded with text, colors and pictures. The photo should show people practicing yoga or meditating.

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