magazine idea by John Palalia

out of the all concepts on what i would do if had the chance to have my own magazine there is one that hunts me the most, its about having a magazine for things to do in the bay area for fun. it would be called bay area’s wonders and it would have a section for everybody sports, entertainment , art, activities etc. in my sport section i would list the things there are to do in the bay area like surfing in santa cruz, soccer in santa clara, water polo in san jose, it would sum up all the sports that people can attend as a viewer and also sports that people can actually do. in the entertainment section i would list all the things that are going on as far as plays, such as the ones at the san jose theater and farmers markets. in the arts section i would list the places to go visit and the special events that there are such as the new expositions in museums, also events such as first fridays in san jose where new artists expose their new paintings. for the activities i would list all the main scenes that there are in the bay area such as the volley ball scene at parks and at the beach, the social dancing scene in san francisco where people salsa dance in different clubs. this magazine would target all ages and also i would be updated monthly or weekly with new things to do and of course i would include ads from museums, clubs, and everybody who wants to put an ad on my magazine.

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