By Hoa Ha. There were so many great movies that came out in 20011 and 2012, movies such as We Bought a Zoo,The Adjustment Bureau, Money Ball, The Dark Knight Rises, 21 Jump Street, and many more movies. However, my favorite of 2012 was Chasing Ice. Chasing Ice is a documentary about the glaciers in Iceland and how rapidly they are melting and to prove this the photographer James Balog the photographer goes out to Iceland to take photos of these glaciers. I usually tend to stay away from documentary’s because usually you hear one mono toned voice in the background for example March of The Penguins, and to me that gets boring. But this documentary was different, this movie gave me chills because the fact that glaciers are melting such at a fast pace, and you can also see the change in the movie from the first image to the last. James starts this thing called the Extreme Ice Survey, where he leave cameras in Iceland facing towards glaciers and every single hour until the daylight is gone , this survey is happening in a span of three years . I’ve seen Chasing Ice three times now and it continues to give me chills; the first time I saw it was at school, at DeAnza in my geography class. We were learning about global warming and what effects it has. This movie gives you some insight on what is happening because if you read a magazine and inside it they tell you that glaciers are decreasing by two percent every year, you would probably be like that doesn’t seem like a lot, that’s why in this movie when they show you the decrease in the size of glaciers using photos and comparing them you are just in aw at how much has changed in just three years.

My favorite movie use to be Blackhawk Down however, that has changed because so many great movies have come out since then. My favorite movie right now is 42. The movie 42 is a movie based off of Jackie Robinson’s life. For those that don’t know who Jackie Robinson is, he was the first African American baseball player to play in the major leagues. Prior to this their were two separate leagues the Negro League and the Major Leagues. During the time that Jackie was playing, there was a lot of controversy because he was the only black baseball player in the league. I loved this movie because it showed how much courage and heart he had. In the movie there was this part when Jackie came up to bat and the pitcher hit him in the head with the ball and he did nothing because he knew that if he fought back he would just be giving the league what they wanted, a reason to kick him out. Jackie has changed the “American Game”, now when you watch the game it is very diverse, not just a “white man’s sport”. To this day Jackie Robinson’s jersey number is the only number that is retired throughout baseball. Once every year players are allowed to wear the number 42 dedicated to Jackie Robinson’s heroic acts as Jackie Robinson Day.

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