My favorite Movies

Thomas Cyncor

One of my favorite movies from 2011-2012 is “Paul” because it is just so ridiculous. This movie is about an alien named Paul who escapes Area 51 and hitches a ride with two pot smoking friends. This movie is one of those Seth Rogan movies so you know the humor is going to be pretty crude but overall its not so bad for the whole family to watch. It’s hard for me to choose my favorite movie of all time, but lately I’ve been re-watching “In Bruges” a lot. I really enjoy this movie because it has the dialog you just don’t get in many modern movies. Collin Farrell plays a hit man who botches a job and inadvertently kills a little boy. The crime boss then sends them to Bruges in Belgium for Farrell’s character to meet his fate. Other than the dark humor which I enjoy so much, I like this movie because it humanizes the people who seemingly do the most inhuman things. This whole movie is pretty dark but they find a way for it to end on a high note.


“In Bruges”-

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