Recordings by Dylan Clark

Could there ever be a more difficult task than to select an absolute favorite piece of music? After much deliberation I can conclude that my favorite recording from 2011 is “Empty Bones” by the GROWLERS. I love psychedelic beach-goth music and the GROWLERS are without a doubt, the epitome of such music. It’s washed up and lo-fi, grungy and full of cryptic topics- my favorite. A favorite oldie of mine would be “Here Come the Ho-Dads” by the Marketts. They’re one of the first surfer rock groups I heard, whenever this song plays I cannot help but to stomp my feet and groove. The saxophone is also killer in this track. I heard both tracks for the first time on vinyl.

Empty Bones- the GROWLERS:

Here Comes the Ho-Dads- the Marketts:

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