Week 4: Films I Adore

by Alena Naiden

Kill The Messenger.

One of the best movies from the previous year for me is Kill The Messenger directed by Michael Cuesta. The film is based on a true story about journalist for the San Jose Mercury News Gary Webb, an author of the book Dark Alliance. Webb discovered a connection between the CIA and drug smuggling, and this discovery, in pair with his loyalty to high journalism principles, changed Webb’s life. The film is strong and psychologically deep, has action and humor in it.

Here is the link yo my review on it in LA Voz (with a  mistake in my job title):

Here is a trailer:

And here are the links to the film in other sources:

Pulp Fiction

One of my all-time favorite movies is Pulp Fiction directed by Quentin Tarantino. It is classic, and I don’t think I need to retell the plot, especially regarding the fact that the storyline is very nonlinear, and the plot is not so important there. What I love about it is the style, irony, brilliant dialogues, eccentricity and just amazing soundtracks. It is interesting that when I first watched it, I didn’t like it at all; I think I was too small and just didn’t get it. Later, though, I was in love with the film and realized I need to rewatch all the classics right now.

Here is the link to its trailer:

And here is the link to it at Rottentomatoes:

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