Blog 5: Radio and Television, by Armen Vardanian

Falsified Journalism is a Great Instrument for Propaganda

Length: 4:30 min


Description: The North Korea documentary propaganda video, from circa 2013, about how Americans live today and survive by eating birds and drinking melted snow.  The video shows homeless people across the U.S. and portraits them as an average Americans.  The propaganda montage, which was collected from various short clips, the diverse timelines and locations, is an adaptation adversity for the North Korean TV viewers.  The footage shows homeless people in New York City in the winter, where homeless people lined up for the hot meals, supplied by charity organizations.  The narrator explains that the people are very grateful for the government handouts and asserts that this kind of assistance is being distributed daily.  However, the reporter stresses, that not everybody is able to receive their portion of food.  The commentator indicates that the coffee is made from melted snow, and people live in tents with broken roofs.  The documentary, which is accompanied by dramatic music, captures fragments of devastation in the U.S. in aftermaths of hurricane Katrina.  The narrator points out that many homes are easily blown off, for unknown reasons, by enforcing visual effect with the images of some old destroyed homes appearing in the documentary.

The government propaganda in North Korea provides falsified information about living conditions in the U.S. to justify its atrocities in North Korea.

Corresponding Chapter: Chapter 2: Media Impact – effects of propaganda and flow theories; Chapter 6: Movies – effects of movie viewing and censorship; Chapter 9: Television – reinforcing stereotypes.

Quiz Question: What kind of flow effect is used in this propaganda documentary?  Who is the opinion leader?

Answer:  The Bullet flow effect and Two-step flow effect (through the government of North Korea.)  The government of North Korea represents the opinion leader.

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