By Jorian Lewke

I do not personally know anyone that has an internet addiction but I found an interesting video about it here.

I use my computer a lot, but not the Internet. I use it to edit photos and work on graphic design projects. When I’m on the internet, I am usually designing websites. I do use social media, but I don’t use it everyday and mainly use it to keep up with friends that live back home or have gone to school in other states. I also use it for class.


About JRLewke

To me, photographer is a strong word. I guess you could call me a picture taker, moment capturer or whatever else, but not photographer. I'm a high school student that has a passion for helping others and my community. I'm on a search for self preservation in this messed up amazing world, a search for everything that is to be found. I'm a writer, a pseudo therapist, advocate, volunteer, activist, student, daughter, and friend. This started out as a 365 day project, and that lasted throughout summer. When I started school again, it became much more difficult to get one everyday. I post when I can and will probably begin doing one everyday again in summer. Peace!
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