Internet Blog

The use of the internet technology in my life has been significant even though I claim not to be such a fan of it. I use the internet to research any topic I become interested in, some social media, and mostly for shopping. I love being able to jump on Amazon ( whenever I want to look for electronics, records, amplifiers, cables, guitar parts, or anything else I can think of. I do think I have gotten addicted to the speed and instant gratification of using the web to shop for things but it’s so convenient I would be a fool not too. I would rather look up reviews on a product and search for the cheapest price than get in my car and go drive around for hours just to find out how much more expensive it is in stores. I have also found a really useful and dangerous website (dangerous because I could easily spend every dime I have on it’s products) called ( However, I do enjoy looking at things (guitars and pedals), and being able to try them out in person to ultimately decide if I want it. The instant gratification of the internet has made it too easy to spend money and become addicted to it.

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