john palalia

Blog #6

Addicted to online shopping by John Palalia

A few years ago I got very busy with school and work and this restricted the free time that I had to go out shopping to the mall, this made me think of options that I had since I love shopping. I started online shopping and this became and obsession since I haven’t stopped even now that I have more free time. This obsession has gotten pretty bad since now whenever I get a chance to go online I always end up looking for shoes, ties, jackets etc. it’s a bad habit to have, now every time I go online there’s a couple of websites that I must visit and if I don’t I feel like I’m missing out on new fashion. I think that I am getting good deals but the reality is that I am a cyber hoarder. This addiction has decreased now that I have more expenses but it is still a problem and I wish I could just wake up one morning and stop it.

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