The Internet

The Internet has definitely, without argument, has made our lives much more convenient. Whether it means for the better is a little on the subjective side. Having said that, I have used the Internet for shopping, gaming, and occasionally for fun, dating as well.

We’ve all bought something online and as college students, this meant books. Online gaming is very popular nowadays and it’s fun to actually play with people across the globe. As for online dating, like many others, I’ve tried to create profiles on such sites for shizzles and giggles but never really got into it. I prefer face to face conversations for that matter.

My close friend’s mom only does her shopping online. Even their groceries are sometimes delivered to their front step courtesy of Google Express. However, I wouldn’t call it an addiction. She explained it as a form of convenience more than anything since she’d rather stay at home than go out and shop thanks to her very busy work schedule.

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