Week 3 Response: MAGAZINES!

By Cheyenne Rada

The Grey Grip is a new magazine that I hope can bring together controversial issues from around the globe.

I propose that in this magazine we can be able to shine light on subjects that we usually only get a on sided view from. We won’t be segregated into democrats, republicans, tea party, liberals, conservatives, etc. we will show all sides of all issues and educate the general public. That way people will be able to make more educated votes and take more educated action. In this way actual needed and desired change can begin to occur.

Our demographic will be all individuals of mature and voting age (which in the US is 18 years of age) that want to make change in the world or at least want to be more educated about the issues surrounding the world.

Our magazine is different and better simply because most magazines out there only show one side of each printed story.

Some advertisers would probably be Universities, State Politicians, Federal Politicians, Suit companies, Luxury car companies, and airlines.

Some of my first articles would include “Are you, you or are you a social puppet?” “Gay Marriage all over the world” “ISIS, what do we do now?” “Will health care reforms really see the light of day?” “Religion too hard to swallow?”

The premier issue of my magazine will have the cover art shown below but with a black background and the above listed article with picture on the front. So the “Are you, you or are you a social puppet?” will be over the picture of the question mark. “Gay Marriage all over the world” will feature a pink triangle over a globe. “ISIS, what do we do now?” will feature a picture of an ISIS member. “Will health care reforms really see the light of day?” will feature a few photo of president Obama meeting with hospital staff. “Religion too hard to swallow?” will feature respectable symbols of well know religions that are known for forcing their ideals down peoples throats.


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De Anza graduate. San Jose Spartan. Bay Area born and raised. Book Worm and literature lover. Journalism Major for my Bachelor's. Aspiring English teacher.
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