Week 6: Internet Addiction

by Alena Naiden

I have never used Internet for dating or gaming, but I do use it for shopping more and more. I love the fact that I don’t need to spend hours in the mall or between shops in search of something from my head.

A concept of an addiction from shopping or dating in Internet sounds very new to me, but the cases of gaming addiction are everywhere. My husband can spend hours playing some games off- or online. Fortunately, any game becomes boring sooner or later, and he comes back to normal.

I think I don’t have any friends whose game addiction is more permanent and prolonged, but I know that almost everyone close to my age, including me, spends too much time in social networks. It is the most common type of Internet addiction I usually face, and to fight it I, personally, challenged myself not to log in into them for months. That break was a great experience, with so much free time, such a full rest and increased productivity.

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