Week 7: Internet -Blog 6

By: Manuel Jaimes

I have used the internet for shopping, gaming but never for dating. I don’t think I know anyone who used any of the dating sites that are available. I believe the person I know  the most that has developed an addiction to the internet is my myself. Most of my time is being spent on the internet, ever since I got hooked on the internet i kept getting side tracked by things that aren’t my work. While doing assignments that that require internet access, I wonder off into the internet. I don’t really have an addiction to a specific online activity, such as shopping or gaming, but an addiction to the internet itself. Im aware I spend a lot my time in front of a screen ,but  as far as putting a stop to it thats something I am  still working on. My addiction led me to be indoors for many hours of the day, something I still do. One of the sites I can be stuck on for ours is IMGUR.COM; and online image hosting site, this is one of the many sites that one will find the internets mots popular image content. There are millions of pictures that are informative as well as humorous, and its where most of my time is spent.





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