Addicted To Online Gaming

Back in high-school I had mad many friends who were completely hooked on online gaming. They literally would play for hours and even days at a time. This is something I couldn’t understand, personally I would rather go for a hike or spend time at the beach then stare at a television set until my eyes became blood shot and sunken into my face. I am unable to provide a link to these websites because they played a different form of online gaming. They played “Call Of Duty” a first person shooting game, this game connects you with other players from all around the world. They are literally shooting at people in the furthest reaches of the globe, and these people are wasting their time shooting back at them. Their problems got so bad they stopped spending time with friends and would miss school and work for days at a time. I know this is a rather comical solution, but they only stopped playing these games as soon as they got girlfriends. To be honest I have no Idea how they got girlfriends when they spent that much time playing videogames but thank the lord that they did. I feel this was a very destructive habit because many lost their jobs and their grades plummeted when they would go on their binges.

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