By Hoa Ha. The Internet is one of the most powerful and unique tools man has created so far. People can now communicate long distance and buy things they need such as groceries and clothes without leaving their home. My uncle tends to buy many things online because it is more convenient for him, due to the fact that he gets home from work really late. He purchases most of his things off of Amazon. He purchases shoes, clothes, and tools for his job all online. I feel that the other reason why he likes buying things online compared to the store is because some stores might not have the item he wants in stock. I now understand why many stores don’t carry the items they have online, thanks to the textbook we used in class. The explanation is that stores tend to carry things that people usually ask for and things they know usually sell. The other reason why it is so convenient is because by typing in what you want in the search bar, you will get many results of that item and are then able compare the prices of the item and read the reviews of the product,  so you know that you are getting the best product in your interest. The only flaw to this is if you want something right away, due to shipping it usually takes a couple of days to arrive at your house, if you want it to arrive within a day you would have to pay extra so they would use the express mail. However, if you aren’t in any rush just wait about three to four days and your product ends up right at your door step. My uncle has not stopped buying things online. To tell you the truth sometimes he buys an item and forgets that he bought it and buys it again on accident. Overall I feel that shopping online is very beneficial to people who do not have time to go out to the department store or the mall to buy the items they want.

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