Media Law

Success comes with unwanted attention especially those want a share of some undeserved glory. Such as what happened to James Cameron and his widely successful blockbuster film, Avatar. Elijah Schkeiban filed a claim that Cameron’s Avatar was based of his own screenplay, Bats and Butterflies. Schkeiban claimed that Avatar was “substantially similar” to his work with elements of a “weak hero” and “the bad guys attack the good guys”. Cameron won the case  in which his lawyers were able to argue  that such claims can’t be copyrighted.
James Cameron had to face a number of these cases and this case for example is quite laughable for the simple fact that the claims are obviously a stretch. For one, the main character for avatar is in a wheelchair which is not the same “weak hero” compared to the plaintiff’s child protagonist. I guess it is inevitable for Cameron to have people after his film with its $2.7 billion gross revenue.


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