Media Law blog 7

Reylene Rodriguez

In 2013, Judge Ronald Lew’s decided that the famous batmobile deserved to have a copyright on it because it is indeed a comic character. The author of the famous comics, DC Comics was sewing Mark Towle, owner of Gotham Garage, stating that he was making replica bat mobile vehicles and selling them. This was a big problem because it infringed its copyright among with other things. The owner of the Gotham Garage was trying to argue that the bat mobile was just a car, nothing more. Yet that is not the case. The batmobile was a iconic car that represented the main character of the comics, the famous batman, therefore it is protected by copyright laws. I do agree with the judge’s decision. It was not like the batmobile was famous on its own. There would be no bat mobile without the hero batman who used the car in the stories to save the town. Since it is a representation of the main character it therefore should be protected.

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