Week 8: “Unsung Hero” and Propaganda Techniques

by Alena Naiden

This ad of Thai Life Insurance Company provokes positive emotions in a viewer and plays on his or her wanting to be a better person. The techniques it uses are “Virtue words” and “Transfer,” also known as “Association.”

“Virtue words” is a technique of using words in the value system of the target audience, and such words as “Happiness,” “Deeper Understanding,” “Love,” “Good” and “What money can’t buy,” that are used in this video ad, have a positive image in almost all people’s minds. After watching the ad, this image is transferred to the image of the insurance company that is promoted.

The technique “Transfer” helps to project a good or bad qualities of a person, entity, object or value to another. In this example, the goodness of the main character in video creates a positive and high moral representation of a company “Thai Life Insurance.”

“Unsung Hero” is a great example of an ad that successfully uses propaganda techniques; it is truly touching and beautifully made.

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