Week 9: Propaganda in Advertising – Blog 8

By: Manuel Jaimes

An advertisement commercial that aired in the 2010 super bowl by Snickers, displays two types of propaganda techniques. The techniques used in the ad were, Stereotyping or Name Calling, and Exaggeration. The ad takes place in the park where a group of men are playing a friendly game of football, they portray one man as an elderly women, calling him names such as “ Betty White” because his inability to react to the game as he should. His girlfriend then steps in and hands him a Snickers candy bar and asks if he is better physically. With one bite he is magically turned from a little old lady to his regular self. The commercial ends claiming “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” This ad displays Stereotyping or Name calling because it focuses on something the target audience fears or finds undesirable. Men don’t want to be seen weak or be called girls when playing a game of football. The ad claims by eating Snickers, one would avoid the embarrassment of not being able to have full ability of their bodies. The ad also displays Exaggeration; the man in the commercial only took one bite of the chocolate bar and instantly turned from a weak elderly lady to into a better him. The ad claims that a bar of Snickers satisfies, claiming that one bar will satisfy ones nutritional needs and your hunger.

Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18ya0-OZ58s



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