Ethics In Today’s Media

The status of ethics in today’s media seems to be gradually climbing downwards. Severely biased “news” stations with hidden agendas, reporters who completely fabricate stories for no good reason, ridiculous fashion trends that constantly shift to the next dumb thing people will spend thousands of dollars on to be up to date, social media cyber-bullying and kids putting way too much information for the world to see which in the end gives them bad reputations and potentially gets them in lots of trouble, vast amounts of internet users who want to see shocking and disturbing content put all over the internet, and false stories of celebrities and famous people dying so they can get likes on Facebook just to name a few things I think are a sure sign of a complete degradation in ethics in media across many forms. I am not sure what the solution to all these problems are but I assume it all starts with you. If you can try and keep a strong ethic whenever viewing, spreading, or adding to negative and abusive ways media gets used, slowly there can be a reform of some sort. Try to resist the urge to click on that link that stupid websites such as Buzzfeed put out to get your attention.



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