Media Ethics

By Hoa Ha. Why does someone plagiarize or fabricate in today’s media? The answer is simple, to make it big or just the fact that it takes less time to paraphrase a story and they could make up a story that sounds so good it’ll obtain more views. This Media Ethics blog topic came at a time when new cases of plagiarizing and fabrication started to break  the news. One of the most recent cases happened on the 12th of March. On the 12th of March, a famous music producer, Pharrell Williams was sued for copying the beat of a song. His hit song Blurred Lines in 2013 was sued for having a similar beat to Marvin Gayes Got to Give it Up made in 1977. There was also the incident that led to the suspension of NBC’s nightly news anchor, Brian Williams. Honestly it all comes down to money. The more viewers the station gets, the better their rating becomes. This leads to more money. Is this becoming a new thing make things up and copying to get more views? Television news has changed a lot since the last time I watched it. A couple of weeks ago I took my brother to go get a haircut and in the salon, they had on Fox news; this was on a Wednesday or Thursday around 5 a couple of weeks ago. On the news, there was a video that showed a man in Ireland attempting to break the passenger side window of a car with rocks.The passenger window wouldn’t break. So he then went to grab a brick off the floor and try to break the driver seat and as he tossed the brick with all his might, the brick bounced back and hit himself in the face. Back then, when I watched the news, there were no viral videos on the news, even if the news related to an attempted carjacking or crime. I feel the ethics in media today are so concentrated on the big stories, in order to obtain more viewers. This makes some stories less relative because of the continuous repeat of the headline on the news. For example on the day of the Ferguson Missouri killing of Micheal Brown. There was also a 19-year old boy that got killed, taking a hit of synthetic marijuana. This story was hard to find because when I typed in What happened on August, 9, 2014; the first six pages on Google were about the Micheal Brown shooting. I had to narrow it down by entering states at the end of August, 9, 2014. That was how I found the story about the 19-year old boy, that died from marijuana. That is how I feel about media now a days, all the news stations tend to compete with one another by showing the same news. Does that make any sense? If they want to compete with one another, why not show different news. This way viewers can skim through channels and stop, as they see something that interest them. I feel that we as journalist are the voice of people whose story doesn’t appear on the news because it apparently is less relevant. However, they are still important to learn about.

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