Blog 10, class highlights

Reylene Rodriguez

Journalism 2 had indeed affected my level of media literacy this year. I now am aware how Fox News station has a pattern for not sharing 100% real truthful news. I am not really or never really have been a big news watcher, but during the time of this class and learning the different qualities you want to look for in a journalist or in becoming one, I now know what is correct and what is not acceptable. I would also have to say I do and don’t see media in the same way after this class. Yes the media is still I believe the reason for many of todays problems in society, especially when it comes to the younger generations. But I can also say now I do see how the media goes about things with a motive when it comes to news and media messages and media impacts. It seems as they want to always state the message they are trying to get across, but in a way that leaves the audience to think somewhat like them. Hopefully Myself and the rest of my classmates will continue to spread awareness and be the change this world needs.


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