Blog 10: Class Highlights, by Armen Vardanian

By Armen Vardanian

The most interesting thing I learned from JOUR2 class was the understanding of how media affect the audience in a different way.  By learning the aspects of media theory, research and its analysis, I was able to discover the biggest insights that improved my level of media literacy.  The evolution of media effects flow theories allowed me to form an opinion about media impact on audience and the changes on its behavior.

The class helped me to change my views in areas of mass media industry such as Public Relations and Advertising.  In the past I did not know much about Public Relation profession, because I have never interacted with this part of the industry.  It was interesting to learn how the Public Relation trade was born and evolved into professional industry, and how Public Relationship practitioners use variety of tools to reach public.  I was also greatly influenced by the information in the textbook on how the Advertising companies are able to influence consumers into buying certain products and how these companies use target marketing process.


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