Blog #10: Class Highlights

By: Karissa Louie

This class made me more aware of the media in general and how it influenced both our past and present.  It taught me not only the history and background of all types of modern media- but focused on how it affects us in this modern world and in our everyday life, as well as the challenges media faces.  It brought to my attention how journalists are held to a high standard of media ethics, yet sometimes do not always uphold these values.  In addition, it made me realize the sway advertising via media can have on us in our daily lives.  Now that I am aware of these things, I realize the importance of finding reliable media sources to get my information from as well as checking these facts, even if it may seem reliable.  It is my responsibility as a reader to know the entire story (both sides) to be fully informed of all the facts- if I want to form an opinion in a certain topic.


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