Class Highlights

By Kris Giguere

I’ve never been naive to the tricks of the journalism trade, but being a student of journalism has really opened my eyes to the vast and esoteric landscape of such a seemingly simple field. Learning about journalism, especially through the development of its multimedia practices, has really let me in on what it actually takes to become and manage something so complicated. I’ve learned plenty of do’s, but I’ve also taken home a host of don’ts, and I think knowledge and observation of these two sides is key to understanding how the gears of something so complex turn.

Not only did we cover the policies and practices of journalism, but we correlated that to how these standards were amended through the years. It was interesting to read about tales of revolution in the name of a free press, of bureaus created for the purpose of containing rogue media outlets, and of triumphs and defeats in the pursuit of either factual news or a higher rating. Multimedia Journalism taught me that the media is a big world, and big worlds take no prisoners.

luv u dada


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