Class Highlights

By Stephanie Lopez

I am honestly so thankful for taking this journalism class. It opened my eyes to the many aspects of the field. I now consider myself a lot more media literate than I was before I joined the class. My personal favorite findings of the course include learning about the advertising, music, and film industries because they are what most interest me outside of the classroom setting. The realization that mass media engulfs us in every day life and becoming more aware of its influence on society and individuals made for an incredibly eye-opening experience. My understanding of the impact of media and the First Amendment has skyrocketed since the beginning of the course. I am much more aware of the myriad of ways the media has an effect on us, especially in the modern world as the digital age is still thriving. I loved the way the class worked and although I did not participate in class discussions as much as most of my fellow classmates did, I learned a lot and took in so much new information and perspectives about the different kinds of media and the ways people perceive them.

luv u dada


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