Class Highlights

By: Lyndsey Guida

Journalism 2 has definitely made me aware of the importantance of media literacy, and how it affects our daily lives. I now see the media as an important tool, but also as a weapon of manipulation. I feel like the media does more harm than good, and it’s values are more focused on the benefit of companies rather than the public. I’ve learned that the first amendment right is constantly a controversial aspect of the media in terms of if it is actually respected, or ignored. I’ve also become more aware of how media messages affects the impact of media, and how we’re living in an era where it conveys more negative behaivors and ideals rather than positive. There are so many aspects of the media that goes unnoticed or uncared for. This class has taught me how to interpret the media in a poisitive and beneficial way to my education so that my views arent misconstrued or falsified by the negative aspects of the media. I can better my education through the media after this class and will grow as a student of media literacy.


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