Last Blog of The Quarter

By Hoa Ha. This quarter ended so fast, in these three months I have learned more about what I wanted to do as my major than the previous two years. This Mass Communications class started out with a bang. One of the aha moments happened within the first two weeks. We saw a video “Smartphones and Dumb people.” This video showed me how attached we are to technology and the idea of face-to-face communication is disappearing. There was also the chapter on advertisement, that I liked and learned a lot from. I learned, how much it cost to put your ads in a Super Bowl and why it cost so much. I also learned about product placement and started to notice it in movies that I had watched prior to taking this class. A while back, I was skimming through channels on my TV and stopped at Men In Black 3. There was a scene where the alien dropped a pack of Rolaids, the scene last no more than 10 seconds but, it did not fit in with the plot of the movie what so ever. Finally the chapter on Radio. This was the chapter that I did my presentation on. One of the aha moments was the 1938 broadcast “The War of The Worlds”. This broadcast occurred on Halloween in 1938. Orson Welles was narrating H.G. Welles novel “The War of The Worlds” and people in New Jersey thought that aliens had arrived on Earth for real. This was because the audience had missed the first 45 minutes, this led to panicking, which led to havoc. Overall, I really enjoyed this Mass Communications class. My views on media have changed. When I use the radio now, I know that the radio use to used as a family event, where family members would gather around and listens to the same thing. After that, they would then share the information with others. I feel that this is something that we don’t do anymore. We are all separated by the individual devices that we own. Even at the dinner table we are on our devices. Face-to-face communications, just isn’t as prevalent as it was; prior to the wave of new technology. I have learned a lot about technology and communication theories this quarter. I thoroughly enjoyed this class, I will take in the material that I learned in this class and use it in the future. Thank you, professor for the great quarter.

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