Magazine Blog Post

BY JP Michelsen

The tittle of my magazine is “What They Didn’t Teach You” and it is an online compilation of informational articles about the things that we need to function in society, but are never subjects taught in schools. For instance, almost everyone I know had never been taught formally how to file their taxes (probably a useful skill) so there could be articles on how to do this, but also ideas of how best to go about filing your taxes and the ways in which you can try to get the best refund from the government. This is only one example.

Some potential first articles could be:

  1. How to rent a car
  2. How to apply for a loan
  3. How to file your taxes
  4. The pros and cons of health insurance
  5. How to create a budget

The five potential advertisers would be:

  1. Any type of investment firm
  2. Wells Fargo Bank
  3. Bic pencils
  4. Realtors
  5. Restaurants

The cover of the first issue would be a student in his/her graduation attire with a textbook of multivariable calculus in one had and a tax return form in the other. He clearly has no idea what he’s doing in the real world and is just realizing that everything he learned in school was almost completely pointless and useless.



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