Media Ethics

By Jorian Lewke

The biggest ethical flaw within today’s main stream media is simply in what they cover. I listen to a variety of podcasts and other news outlets that are away from the main stream, and I hear about things that I cannot believe are not national news stories. Rachel Maddow, for example, has been continuously covering stories of trains carrying oil derailing and blowing up in various places, including throughout the US and Canada. There have been 10+ in just the past few months, and fatalities have been high in Canada, but thankfully, no one has been killed from these in the US. These oil trains are derailing and blowing up like bombs, then burning for days and contaminating the area, with the likelihood that people will begin to be injured or die if this keeps happening, and yet I haven’t heard anything about it in main stream media. I understand that ratings matter and they have to figure out how to keep people watching, but I think that leaving stories like this untold only perpetuate their possible devastation.


About JRLewke

To me, photographer is a strong word. I guess you could call me a picture taker, moment capturer or whatever else, but not photographer. I'm a high school student that has a passion for helping others and my community. I'm on a search for self preservation in this messed up amazing world, a search for everything that is to be found. I'm a writer, a pseudo therapist, advocate, volunteer, activist, student, daughter, and friend. This started out as a 365 day project, and that lasted throughout summer. When I started school again, it became much more difficult to get one everyday. I post when I can and will probably begin doing one everyday again in summer. Peace!
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