Week 10: Media Ethics

By Cheyenne Rada

I believe media ethics in media are all screwed up. I am sure that a handful of TV personalities are trying their best to report the truth but fact is that they’re still putting their opinions into the article. Also a lot of the time people in media don’t portray positive images. Majority of the time images are negative because people are obsessed with knowing everything that is going wrong in society. People want to know what to fear. But because of that desire for knowledge, they become afraid. Their own desires are playing against them. Since that’s all they choose to view and that’s all the media is willing to portray It’s the only exposure people have to the outside world. Their perfect bubble is burst every night with news of the atrocities occurring all over the world. The fact is that they still won’t be able to find out everything because there’s just way too much. With the emergence of world news people have even less of a chance to see everything. But also because there are too many issues newscasters and producers have to pick and choose which news to show.


About cheyrada

De Anza graduate. San Jose Spartan. Bay Area born and raised. Book Worm and literature lover. Journalism Major for my Bachelor's. Aspiring English teacher.

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