Week 11: Class Highlights – Blog 10

By Manuel Jaimes

This class was really great one of the things that stuck out the most was the fact that many students in the class had different perspectives and opinions, but still managed to listen to one another. Even though they didn’t change their opinion on a particular subjects students understand why some viewed topics differently. The group of students the class had was great and it was great learning their personal point of views.

Even though I don’t watch a lot of TV news station it was interesting to see the video in class that showed how Fox news stating that they are fair and balance but in reality they are not. Its amazing how a news station have great impact on the way citizens view particular topics.

One of my favorite chapters in the book was the chapter on Radio. This was the most interesting to me because not only did I have to present this chapter to the class but because I learned so much about the radio from the past and the radio of the future. It was interesting to see how radio station made profit and also to find out which type of radio station were the most popular.

I really enjoyed this class I learned so much and definitely view media very differently then when I first entered the classroom.



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