Week 1: Media autobiography. How our lives are dictated by the media we use. By: Nick Verbin

Like anyone growing up in the twenty first century, media dictates any and all aspects of our lives. While many forms of media have been around for decades, such as newspapers, books, radio, newspaper, and more, digital media like the Internet is becoming an increasingly reliant form of media that nearly everyone depends on. While the Internet is certainly the most easily accessible and fastest form of obtaining news, there are also many negatives that come along with it.

Personally, I use the Internet every day. I spend hours online scrolling through social media feeds and news articles, among other assorted forms of entertainment. All of this information is right at our finger tips, and it is dominating the world of media. The reason I find the Internet to be so helpful is because of its easy accessibility. Print media had its place in history, but having the world wide web accessible by laptop, phone, and any computer in libraries or schools everywhere makes information a lot easier to search than having to search for a newspaper or book, or listen to the radio until they talk about the exact subject you’re looking for.

I personally do not use a lot of print media or radio, but I understand that they have a very important place in supplying information to the world. If I had to choose a form of media other than the Internet as a source of information, I would choose newspapers. Newspapers are written by experienced journalists who write news for the public, and there are many different newspapers to choose from to cross-check sources and information to ensure the most reliable information possible.


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