Media and Me.

Week 1:  Media Autobiography

Media and Me

By:  Michelle Miramon


It was my freshman year of high school and I just finished a book that I had printed from the internet.  I don’t recall the title of the book, but I still remember the feeling after I was done reading the book.  It was a romantic tragedy and I was highly interested in books after that experience.  Since then, I was gifted a Kindle, where I’m able to purchase books online or sometimes for free. I will admit reading from my Kindle is not the same experience as reading a real book where I’m able to physically turn the pages.  But being able to purchase a book online is way more convenient than going to a library and checking out a book.

I was never a fan of reading the newspaper because the ink would get all over my hands.  I’m not familiar with recordings.

Reading a gossip magazine like US while I’m waiting in line at the grocery store is my guilty pleasure.  I know that most of the information on the front page is false, but I can’t help myself from reading about other’s dirty laundry.  I used to receive a children’s magazine called Highlights and really enjoyed that because it was a learning magazine with fun games.  I want to say this magazine is behind my light addiction to Sudoko.

I watch plenty of movies and television while I’m cleaning or cooking.  I more so, listen to the movie.  I wouldn’t say I watch television and movies like I used to as a child because I like to multitask.  Hence, why I’m not a big fan of going to the movie theaters.

I listen to the radio whenever I’m in the car and usually hear about the top story.  If I haven’t heard about what that the VJ is talking about, I usually will look up on the internet.  The internet always have more than one perspectives on a story and I do find myself agreeing to whatever I believe may be true.  In this past class, I have a whole new perspective on the news through the television and internet.  And I can’t wait to learn new ways of looking up the news.




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