Media Autobiography

By Gabriela Sanches

I was born in 1997, the year that made Madeleine Albright the first female Secretary of States in USA, the year that Princess Diana died, the year that Brazil beats Australia 6-0 in the final of Confederations Cup, also the year that Harry Potter and Ginny Wesley started to date. Everything above were reported by the media, including the last one, related in the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Princess.

When I was fifteen years old I owned The Unbearable Lightness of Being, a philosophical fiction, and in that moment I noticed the importance of the media in my life, and how does it work. Even thinking that I was born in a Media World, I have never thought about the news I heard on Radio or the content that I saw everyday in the Television. I used to use the media just for entertainment, in an automatic mode, the radio for music, the television for fun programs and the internet for games.

From that “try” to understand Media, I perceived a lot of things that I had never thought about it. Such as that Brazilian Media proclaims themselves free, and impartial but they are controlled for just one big company, that represent only their own interested, the Rede Globo. This company has newspaper, radio, television and internet content and their content is the most accessed in Brazil.

On the other hand, in Argentina the proclaims themselves the same as Brazil does, but different from Brazil, there are a lot big companies, and each of them has their own point of view. The real problem there is that journalists can not talk about certain issues, because there is a strong and dangerous group that have killed hundred of journalists, so they are afraid to publish news specially related to “Union”.

Summing up, the media have always an important place in my life, even when I did not acknowledged everything about that.


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Gabi, 18, paulista, prazer !

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